apathetic flower shop assisant

indie rp blog for mai of avatar: the last airbender

orange is such an awful color


Mai at the Boiling Rock


have you not seen your own face???

Liz is the best. Fact.

Stealing computer time at my mom’s work, hella.


I know one thing I care about. I care about you.

seriously I can’t even handle how much I love these two together asjdahs stop somebody help sjkd

fun fact: you are your icon

hopism lets cry over motherboards together!

I miss you guys.

The computer guy said my motherboard is fried.

Sorry for how I’ve acted today.


Mommai and Dadmai

I hate that mommai can’t stick up for herself and for Mai.

I hate that dadmai cared more about politics than Mai’s happiness.


Ursa and Ozai

I hate that Ursa left Zuko even if she didn’t choose it. It breaks my heart she just went off and had her own new life. Not that I blame her.

I hate p much everything about Ozai. He’s a dick who hurt my bb Zuko.


Uncle Wally

I hate how ugly he is ngl. Sorry Wally.


hate about jai.

I hate how much they’d fight probably. They’re cuties but they’d but heads all the time tbh.

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