"Did they prove she killed the dad?" 

"No, it was never officially solved,
        but everyone’s pretty sure she did it.”



"I love it when you talk about dead things."

"Really, it was her step mom. And it was twenty whacks—
       Though she never went to jail because they couldn’t prove it.”



"I followed your scent—-and I could also hear you talking about something demonic from way over there." 

"That’s really romantic." 



"You know how I found you?"


    “Lizzie Borden took an axe,
     Gave her mother 40 whacks…
     When she saw what she had done,
     She gave her father 41.”

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Anonymous asked: zutara, jetara, mai/azula??? does that even have a name


my NOTP tooI don’t ship it it’s okay I ship it hard OTP


my NOTP too| I don’t ship itit’s okay I ship it hard OTP


my NOTP too I don’t ship it it’s okay I ship it hard OTP

"Fuck Skinny Bitches"

Apologies for ranting, but I can’t help it. Under the cut.

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Maikka Day 2014

I have a feeling being with Sokka would encourage Mai to be an incurable tease.

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my NOTP too | I don’t ship it | it’s okay | I ship it hard | OTP

15 Associations.

Reblog and fill in the answers you most associate your character to with each question.

1. Animal; Black cat
2. Color; Red
3. Month; January
4. Song; Mariella by Kate Nash probably
5. Number; 17
6. Day or Night; Night
7. Plant; Fire lily
8. Smell; Jasmine
9. Gemstone; Ruby
10. Season; Winter
11. Place; Caldera 
12. Food; Fruit tarts
13. Astrological Sign; Capricorn
14. Element(s); Fire
15. Drink; Tea

Just East || Belovedbetrayal [FMA:B AU]



The ride for a few more hours, until the sun starts to skim the horizon, “We’re close. There, see.” Little buildings dot the furthest point ahead of them. Small towns that line the outskirts of the country is what he assumes—or hopes. Worst case, they did a roundabout and they’re back at the ruins. 

The rest of the way he wonders what it’ll be like. Does the man with flame alkahestry exist? Or will he be forced to cross this desert again in shame and more empty handed than when he left. He refuses to accept the second option, gripping the reigns harder as his hopes are made more clear. 

"I hope they have food—-and don’t mind travelers." He says, smiling a little as he tilts his head back at Mai, "There’s lights. That’s promising."

The closer they get, the closer attention she begins to pay. Her job is protection, after all, so missing anything could end in a fatal flaw. There’s no telling who lives in the houses they see, what kind of attitudes they might have to those coming from another country…

All she wishes for is a soft place to lay her head— the ground has been her bed for weeks now, giving her an increasingly sour disposition. The horse wasn’t exactly comfortable either. Travel isn’t suited to her, not at all. Of course, not coming along with Zuko wasn’t an option. She trusted no one else to ensure his safety, and she certainly didn’t trust him on his own.

Mai sighs heavily as they pull in, sliding off the horse and scanning the area. She cocks her head back up, raising an eyebrow at Zuko in question. “Where to now?”

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